Farewell to our friends at the Avenues Bike Project

We were sad to hear that after eight incredible years our friends at The Avenues Bike Project had decided to close their doors for good on 1st March 2019. 

They recycled over 4,000 bikes, most of which went to the Village Bike Project in Sierra Leone with a proportion being redirected to charities in Hull.

Bikes were collected locally in Hull by The Avenues then taken by the Margaret Carey Foundation to be refurbished in one of our prison workshops. Once refurbished, each vanload was delivered back to The Avenues and stored before shipment to West Africa. 

The final shipment of bikes left Hymer's College, Hull, on 25 February 2019, the bikes were donated to the Village Bike Project and the container was destined to become a nursery classroom in Freetown.  

It was a pleasure working with The Avenues Bike Project, we will miss them.