Prison Workshop Costs 

Our prison workshops are a partnership between MCF and the prison, the prison providing the workshop space and the instructor and MCF covering the logistics, cost of spares and bikes. 

When the workshops receive the donated bikes the first job for the trainees is to fully strip the bikes down to the frame. All parts are inspected for wear and only put back on the bike if they are still suitable. To reduce waste we are careful to only replace parts on bikes when necessary.

Being in the bike workshop gives me a purpose and helps me focus. Using my new skills to help others helps me a lot whilst I'm serving my time in prison.

The cost to refurbish an individual bike can vary greatly depending on its condition when it was donated and the type of bike it is. However, to fully refurbish a bike to a high standard, that will be safe for the eventual recipient to ride, means we often need to replace the parts subject to most wear and tear, like inner tubes, brake blocks and cables. Other parts such as chains, cassettes may need to be replaced if a bike has been ridden a lot to ensure they work properly when they are rebuilt.