Virgin London Marathon 2021

I am writing briefly to introduce myself as I have the great privilege of representing the Margaret Carey Foundation (MCF) at the 2021 Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October as a sponsored runner. My name is Damian Fleming and I currently live in Blackburn, Lancashire. I am a keen runner and ordinarily I represent my local running club Blackburn Road Runners at national running events with my preferred distance being 13.1 miles but I have completed marathons previously. I do tend to run almost daily but the thought of training for London during the summer months is a daunting prospect but one that I will relish as hopefully I aim to help raise much needed financial support for MCF.

Most of my working career has been spent within the parameters of Youth Justice but currently I am employed by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) and in part my role involves ensuring those accessing such services receive quality provision. Through my employment experiences I am fully aware of the advantages of promoting restorative justice approaches for the benefit of both service users and the wider community. Thus, I am whole heartedly willing to put myself through the pain of marathon training and the eventual race if it means that I can encourage others to part with their money for such a great cause.

Unfortunately, I have had a recent injury which required a short period on the side-lines but my return to running is now in full swing. Normally I would run between 50 to 70 miles each week but currently I’m running approximately 30 to 35 miles per week. I’m trying to be sensible, but most runners are ‘crackers’ and we tend to push ourselves too hard at times. My marathon training will commence in earnest at the start of June when I will be training for two marathons as following London the subsequent weekend, I am participating in the Manchester marathon. Glutton for punishment but as stated we like to push ourselves.

If anyone would like to sponsor me click here for my fundraising page  - all donations are very much appreciated - by me and MCF. 

I hope to provide regular updates and details of my progress as I train throughout the summer. For those who have an interest in running/cycling etc you can find me on the Strava app under the pseudonym DownHill Runner where you will also be able to track my progress. I am also more than happy to meet up with anyone who has an interest in running or wishes to start, even attend a Park Run when they commence again if that is what friends/supporters of MCF would like to do. It would nice to be meet others along my VLM training journey.

So just a brief introduction but as stated I plan to be more visible once I commence my training and as soon as I manage to have a professional haircut.

Kind regards

 Damian (aka DownHill Runner)