Community Sales

A proportion of the refurbished bikes are sold to raise funds to support our ongoing workshops and the development of our services in the community. We sell our quality refurbished at affordable prices so that cost isn't a barrier to people having access to bikes and cycling. 

Byron Primary, our main partner, is an inner-city school in Bradford on the City Connect cycle route between Bradford and Leeds and by Index of Multiple Deprivation in one of 10% most deprived areas in the UK. Over 100 bikes have been sold here alone.

Melanie Stainton, Deputy Head - “Thanks for another very successful sale, we have more children cycling to school and parents are really happy with the sales therefore more children cycling. We are keen to continue to promote this.”

The majority of bikes sold in the community are in venues local to our base in West Yorkshire. However, some refurbished bikes are also sold through the farm shop at HMP Kirkham