The Cycle Workshop at HMP Full Sutton comes under the remit of the Industries Manager with two full time instructors looking after the day to day running of the workshop. One instructor has just completed the Velotech training course so that the workshop will be able to offer our trainees Velotech accreditation. The long term plan is for both instructors to be Velotech trained to give the men the best opportunity to complete qualifications if they wish.

The high security nature of HMP Full Sutton brings additional challenges to the Cycle Workshop. We currently work with approximately 12 trainees in each session, providing two sessions per day. The provision of meaningful activity within the prison is the primary focus of the workshop. We aim for a friendly and inclusive environment for the trainees to work in. We have found that the trainees engage well and enjoy the activity even if they have never done hands on type work before. It is clear that the trainees appreciate the opportunity to engage in workshops that benefit the wider community beyond the prison.  

As it is a charity, knowing that the bikes are going to people who need them, this is positive.

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