The workshop space at HMP Humber is shared with local charity R-evolution and up until March 2019 all bikes refurbished in the prison were delivered to The Avenues Bicycle Project, Hull which distributed bikes to The Village Bike Project in West Africa.

We were sad to hear that after donating more than 8,000 bikes The Avenues Bike Project had decided to close its doors but wish all their volunteers well in whatever their future plans may be. 

Donating refurbished bikes to people in need is one of our charitable aims and an important motivator for the trainees in the workshops. Since we are no longer able to donate bikes to The Avenues Bike Project we have donated approximately 60 bikes to Open Doors in Hull, an organisation working with asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers. 

For more information about HMP Humberside, visit the Ministry of Justice website. 

Banner image: Courtesy of Rob Russell on Flickr. Used thanks to Creative Commons.