New Bike Maintenance Training Workshop Begins

After a 12 month delay due to the pandemic, work was finally underway to set up the bike maintenance training workshop at Withington Road Approved Premises in Manchester. 

This new project is being run in partnership with Achieve North West and is part funded by the European Social Fund. 

Dave Meadows, who runs the workshop at St Jospeh's Approved Premises will also be in charge of training at Withington Road. This new bike project forms part of a programme offering specialist tailored support to individuals. 

The Refurbishment

From humble beginnings as a cluttered cellar the workshop has been cleared and the tools and workstands have been installed ready to take on the first trainees. The training sessions will be running for a total of 9 hours over 2 afternoons per week. As well as the practical training in bike maintenance, residents will also have an opportunity to go out on supervised bike rides to give them an opportunity to become more confident on roads and cycle paths instead of using public transport or not going out at all.