Our mission, vision and values are the foundation upon which every single aspect of the Margaret Carey Foundation from governance to communications and to the opportunities we embrace are built.

Our Social Mission:

The mission of the Margaret Carey Foundation is to provide training opportunities, resources and environments that support rehabilitation to people in prisons in order to help break the cycle of re-offending. We also create training opportunities in the community to support those at risk of offending and other vulnerable groups.

Our Vision

We are working for a world where:

  • Communities are safer because people in prison and excluded adults in the community have the self-esteem, skills and opportunity to break their personal cycle of offending and give back to society.
  • Vulnerable and disadvantaged people – and projects working with them - have access to quality refurbished bikes and wheelchairs
  • Unwanted bikes and wheelchairs are reused for good, instead of filling up landfills.

The Values of the Margaret Carey Foundation

Respect – for each person we engage, without reservation or judgement

People’s capacity to change – We believe that every individual should have the right support so they can transform their lives and contribute to society

Social Responsibility – We promote social and environmental responsibility to all service users, staff and stakeholders.

Inclusivity – We promote inclusivity and diversity in all of our activities.

Vocation – our work is more than just a job. We strive for excellence in everything we do, working with dedication and commitment.

We empower people to rebuild their lives –  by creating opportunities to improve confidence, self belief and ownership