Roger Armstrong

Whilst Roger hails originally from London he has lived in the Bradford area since 1972.

On retiring from the solicitors' practice that he set up with two colleagues in 2003, Roger had more time to develop new interests and he joined the board of trustees in May 2019.

Margaret Carey Foundation appealed to Roger as it linked the various stages of his working and leisure lives. Initially working for a charity in Leeds as a Social Worker with adults and children who had impaired hearing, he then worked for Bradford Council as both a social worker and social work manager with particular focus on children and families which included engagement with the criminal justice system. Roger then retrained as a solicitor and worked in that role from 1992 until retirement in mid 2018. He specialised in trust work which includes charities. 

In his leisure time Roger is a keen social cyclist, which is what led him to the MCF website. He can also be seen out several times a day with Dug, the chocolate Labrador.